Music Arranger/ Music Composer


As an experienced music arranger and music composer in the Chicago area, Andy can take your "raw material" and turn it into a lead sheet, piano score, or orchestral arrangement. 

Since winning his first song competition in 8th grade and studying theory and composition throughout high School and as a music major at Northwestern University, Andy has written a number of compositions for vocalists, choirs, and small ensembles. In addition, for fun, he has written dozens of musical parodies, primarily to honor people celebrating birthdays and anniversaries


A musical prayer for  the time of Covid-19.

Esa Enai (Psalm 121 I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes)

Rabbi Andy composed this song upon graduation from Hebrew Union College in 1992.

Till Death Do Us Part

Andy Bossov composed this love song for older lovers in 2019.  Here his Chicagoland Duo partner sings it at Bethany Retirement Living on Valentine's Day 2020.

Choose Life

Rabbi Andy Bossov composed this song in the 1990s for a synagogue day school concert.


"The Song You Gave Was You," composed and performed by Rabbi Andy Bossov, in memory of Debbie Friedman

Arranged Accompaniment

"How Deep Is the Ocean," accompaniment and ending arranged by Andy Bossov

A Parody

"Happy 'Great' Brithday, Annie" - by Andy Bossov - to the tune of "Swanee" by Gershwin

Annie, how we love ya, how we love ya.

Our dear friend, Annie.

You fill our hearts with glee,

But even more our tummies so deliciously!

Yep, Annie, you're a keeper, 

Nothin' cheap here.

You're aces, Annie.

You model for the whole world to see

That life's for living blessedly.

Annie, Annie,

We celebrate you now.

Annie, Annie,

You're reached the heights, and how!

Annie, Annie,


Annie, Annie,

Mazel tov, to--youu.